Back-Office Solutions

Business process automation

Eclectics Back-office Solutions automate and simplify several activities in the financial institution; while providing unprecedented visibility and data about the personnel, processes and work performed in the back office.
This insight helps balance workloads, optimize resources hence increased efficiency, meet service delivery goals and improve the quality of service within the institution’s compliance.
Some of our Back-office Solutions include:

  • Cost-effective security components
  • STP – SWIFT/RTGS – eWorkflow System
  • Check Book & Cards Ordering System
  • Cheque Truncation and Imaging Systems
  • Loan Origination & Credit Scoring System
  • Comprehensive Reconciliation System
  • Non-performing Loans/debt recovery system
  • Electronic Document and Record Management System
  • Offline-Online Branch management solutiont
  • Real-time Bank Performance Executive Dashboards
  • Corporate Bulk Salaries/Payments Processing
  • ICT Audit and Consultancy Services
  • System Security Audit

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