eConnect ESB Gateway

The Integration Game Changer

Banks across the globe have swiftly embraced electronic banking across multiple channels. As banks have adopted technology for multi-channel banking, the limitation of technology to integrate with existing systems of the bank to provide reliable information has been a challenge.

Eclectics International has developed the eConnect ESB gateway for system integration between the many disparate systems running at the bank. The eConnect ESB gateway enables the interface of data between 2 or more systems in a Service Oriented Architecture.
The eConnect ESB Comes With The Following Modules:-

  • eConnect ESB Core
  • eConnect ESB Fraud guard Module
  • eConnect ESB Dashboard Module

The Transactions To Be Processed Include:
Account validations, Receive Message, Queue manages, Format Message, Validate message, Process message, Forward Message, Approval limits, Charges and Fees, Currency setup, Terminals setup, Online interface, Offline uploads, HSM security authentication, Data transmission Encryption, Web services Management, Alerts and notifications, MIS reporting,

MIS ReportseConnect ESB Gateway comes with comprehensive management and administration reports showing transaction processing, transactions declined, periodical reports, transaction logs, error logs, nodes split reports, interbank 3 rd party transaction reports etc. The reports can be retrieved in any format including XML, excel, PDF, etc.

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