MS Dynamic CRM

360-degree view of the customer

In today’s world, delivering a great customer experience is essential in differentiating your business and building loyalty with your customers. In order to deliver an exceptional service, you require a system which is able to address these needs and this is where CRM solutions come in.

Our choice of CRM is MS Dynamics CRM; it assists the organization address 3 main areas in business which are; Opportunity management, Customer care or service as well as marketing automation.


MS Dynamics CRM is accessible through various devices. You can access the solution through the various devices available to you such as through a smart phone, through a tablet, through Outlook and also through a browser. Making it adaptable to the various scenarios one may be in thus increasing productivity.

Why MS Dynamics CRM?

  • Personalized – CRM gives the user a familiar experience and making it easier for adaptability
  • Proactive – CRM enables the business and the staff to be more proactive as they are able to view what is happening the business on a real time basis. Enabling the staff to be proactive in sorting out issues. Management also has visibility through the real-time dashboards available within the system.
  • Predictive – with all the information captured within CRM, with time the business will be able to learn the trends and predict issues and even deduce when new product lines or improvements are required through analysis of the information in the system.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Customer Engagement (CE)
  • Field Service.
  • Project Services Automation
  • Dynamics Marketing
  • Business Central
  • Operations and Finance
  • Marketing Insights

Modern Workplace

  • Office 365
  • Microsoft 365

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